Who we are and our mission to bring meaningful change.

Collaborating on projects globally has never been easier. We are your worldwide workroom. 

The Kaalo Virtual Studio is a group of collaboration PODs that are secure, private, and accessible anywhere and at any time through your chosen device. 

A POD is a workspace for a single project and encapsulates its people, operations, and its data- that make up the acronym POD. 

Your client and you can add people; create, edit, review, and share files and data in real time; conduct business operations, and are always ready for a meeting on-the- go with all necessary data and documents at your fingertips. The Kaalo Virtual Studio can run multiple projects, simultaneously and allows flexibility of operating in various levels and keeps your work growing and moving forward. 

A POD can invite members, share data in any format and communicate and discuss with members via chat or message. Each POD is independent of the other and a number of PODs may make up your virtual studio. Without the boundaries of space, time, geography, and expertise, the KVS is an efficient, exclusive, secure, versatile, and smart way to conduct business.


The Kaalo Virtual Studio is an ideal tool for designers, studios, small businesses, independent professionals and consultants.




Your Virtual Studio is an application that can be used online or on any iOS or Android phones or tablets. Here is how it works:

1. Invitation: The owner (admin) of the Virtual Studio will send you an invite via email. You will receive two emails. One inviting you to your Virtual Studio link and a separate email with your temporary password (for security purposes). 

2. Login: You login using your email and the temporary password sent to you. 

3. Virtual Studio: On logging in you will see the POD. Click open the POD to enter a private workroom scenario.   

4. POD: PODs are workroom modules designed for private projects. You will find other invited POD members, an operations platform to communicate and share and a data archive that saves all shared documents, photos and videos. You may be participating in multiple PODs and can jump from one POD to another freely. You will never have to worry about managing conversations and shared data related to specific PODs because the Virtual Studio is designed to do just that. 

5. PEOPLE: People are invited to specific PODs by the POD admin. These people will have access to all discussions and data shared in a specific POD. If needed, the admin could appoint a POD manager who will have permission to invite other necessary people to the POD. The participants however do not have permission to invite others. This setup avoids inadvertent breach of confidentiality. 

6. OPERATIONS: This is the interactive communication and sharing zone. You can start a new discussion or jump into a conversation. There are many friendly, easy to use tools here. Upload images, video, documents and files up to 500MB. View and browse these files. Enjoy the instant chat with individuals or the entire POD group. Receive and respond to messages/conversations right from your email client. Access these conversations from any device – iOS, Android or Online. If you choose – you can receive notifications on your mobile device as well. All conversations and data are contained within each POD with full control by the admin. 

7. DATA: All files, images, videos and documents related to a specific POD are archived here. Upload, download, view, browse and delete these files all within the POD. 

So essentially – the POD is a one stop shop for all people, operations and data related to a project, subject or cause. 

• You can collaborate in your private POD anytime, anywhere and in any device.

• Invite people of your choice to your private project room.

• Interact, converse, chat, comment and share files, documents, photos & videos

• Access, upload, and view files real time or at your convenience

• Have total control over inviting people, assigning managers and deleting content

• Access the Virtual Studio using desktops, laptops, tables and phones

• Enterprise level security, restrictions and encryption